May 25, 2010


wat ur full name?
nina faradina nasaruddin

when is ur bufday?
30 august 1989

how many sibling u have?
5 only

where do u live?
subang jaya 

your favourite colour?
purple , pink , white

still studying?

do you have bestfrend?

do u love them?
i dodo love them so much!!!

pop or jazz?

chicken or beef?
chicken .

coke or 100plus?
coke (:

what brand is your is your purse?

how much do you have in ur wallet right now?
erm rm66 . br cocok oki

high heels or flat?
duadua pun boleyy . depends

skirts or jeans?

shirt or blouse?
both .

watch or bravelet?
duadua lor

favourite watch brand?
GUESS . but apeape pun bole jugep ((:

do you have girlfriends?
yup . 

do you have boyfriends?

did you love them?
only da one tat i pick je

facebook or myspace?
fb better

what is ur dream?
to hv da gorgeous guy and live happyliy . anak dato' [haha.]
ok x?


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