June 30, 2010

c o n g r a t s !!

congrats to you my dear .. 
today is ur 1st day rite?. GUDLUCK !
ouh today bdk nie br start keje kerajaan . hmm sorri im not being there . 
hope u can do it ya . 
but me still tak paham knpe kalo kte dapt keje kerajaan kte akn happie??
mmg tak paham .. knpe eh? sumone plis bgtw nott . 

mst dye sgtsgt hapie kn? kn? me plak ..? sdyh ..
me sgtsgt depress . everything fall a part .
dear .. tahniah la yea . do ur best and try to be da best .
as you wanted to rite?
nanti da dpt gaji pertame share2 yea (:

eventhough kami gado2 byk . 
geramm sgt2 dgn dye nie . tapi xslh kn wish him .
want him to be happie . . 
coz i dun hv anything beside then him .
now he gone and im totally down . . 
no one can replace him . i guess . . .

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