August 30, 2010

my birthday (:

helo helo (:
bole tak kalo nk nyanyi lagu sendiri ?? 1 2 3
hapie burfdy to me hapie bufday to me hapie bufday to ninott . . hapiie bufday to me

thankyouu god for all the beautiful thing in my life . alhamdullilah nott dah 21years old dah . sudah besar nieh . kne jadi matured in thinking nieh no kanakkanak lagi dah . need to think bout da future . money . keje . accession . family . bla bla bla . ouh kene jd matang . tapitapi bole tak matang nie?? haha mcm lawak je .

to my dearest friends, love each and everyone of youu who spare a second of your time for the birthday wishes . from the bottom of my heart i say thankyouu . you peeps are a star to me . thankyou .

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