November 28, 2010

confuse + speechless

i had a great day today . hapie . tired . and confuse plus a bit speechless . . . but my heart crying again . argh ! i dun think i can start tis new chapter . coz i cant forget him . its hard . i think tis is too early . . dun u think so ?? argh ! cant stop crying . i dun noe . tis is too early . i still cant forget him . im missing youu again ...

dear god , the only think i ask of you is to hold him when im not around . when im much too far away . ciss .. laling sorii . i taw you paham kan ..

nott nott dun wori he tak read pun ur blog ok! dah make sure dah kn! hehe 

tengkiu laling for being there !
thanks for the day !
takecare !


Anonymous said...

i'm still oving you....~~~only you~~~

nynarara said...

really?? bagus sila hantarkn rombongan meminang sekarang . hak3 !

Anonymous said...

Can we pretend that airplanes, in the night sky, Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now

nynarara said...

wat u wanna wish for dear?