November 15, 2010

its killing me ..

you might say, I'm the bad one.

Well, sure is.

Label me with whatever you want.

I can't stop you.

I have my own reason. There's no third person. 

mayb in not good for him . maybe im blind . or maybe i just pressure myself

he is a good person . im the one selfish i guess . i noe you noe tat i still love you .
let just keep it in myself . im sorry dear . maybe this is the best thing for us . maybe you will find someone better then me . im not that good . im sorry . hmm many will misunderstood on that but that not the point . thank for everything dear ... im sorry . i cant . i love you and always gonna love you forever . but i dun noe am i doing the rite    decision or am i selfish or i dun noe im confiuse . i can think anymore . sayg i will always love you even we're not together agian .. loveyouu so much . .


Anonymous said...

Hey i am suuper boy

nynarara said...

u are supper gay (:

Anonymous said...

pa cita?? adeh... xde mesra2 da?? hahhaha...

nynarara said...

ha?? xphm . sori