November 21, 2010

s t r e s s

seriously this week im totally stress . sgt stress . extremely stressed out . sbb ape sbb ape . entah la . so much reason i can make any decision . hye youu plis dun push me . i can't think . damn i hate you . seriously youu make me even more hated you . please move away . give me some space . i need space !!!
please im bagging you rite now . i can't accept anything from you . im not that type of gurl anymore . i dun need ur money . i dun wanna anything . 
just want some space . thats all dear . please . . . u noe i love you so plis dun push.. hope you will understand . TQ

current song : nelly furtado - try 
current mood : angry + sad + miserable

dun come any nearer please . i will eat youu .  or even worst i will kill youu cruelly haha . im going to be a mad gurl rite now . damn it ! this all because of youuu !!!!!!

mama balik la cepat (':

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