March 16, 2012

i noe im strong.

hey. its a sad entry i guess ..
i noe im strong . strong enough to faces all tis stupid thing . stupid? yesh . i call it stupid . stupid to have tat trust stupid for me to give evrythng . stupid coz of my stupid heart falling . stupid for spending tym for stupid people . stupid its a stupid mistake i ever make in my life . i shouldnt hv to . but im stupid . yup.. i noe tat ..

but now . im not tat stupid anymore . coz i noe im not the only stupid . he is the stupidest!
for now on . theres will no u inside my mind . theres no u by my side . and theres will no u infront my eyes .
i noe im strong i can do tis by myself!
i dun even need a person like youu!
yesh no need!
hye youu plis move over!

when ever i see  JJU i feel like wanna crash it and burn it . but im not tat stupid . youu the one who stupidest . give me all the word all the stupid word just to hurt me . dammn!
and i always pray to ALLH S.W.T oneday youu will get what youu give . and ALLAH s.w.t will punish youu until youu noe how to appreciate women .. 

its hurt when youu trusted someone and he backstab youu
and just USE youu for his own gud

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