February 2, 2013

how I missed him

Hmm.. I missed him . So much . He just send us his picture with his new apartment and new cars . Doesnt he look so hensem? Hehe.. Haish daddycool youu noe that we are missing youu here?
Feel so lost when daddy's not here with me . Im now looking for a job . And always always crave for his advice . But our time zone is not the same . Here's in malaysia we  just woke up he just wanted to sleep....hmm I just 'tolak' my 1st interview just bcoz im not confident . Huu not without him beside me here now . Im not saying my mom doesnt help . She helped a LOT . But still need both of them .. arrrghh how am I going to face my next interview ?

Daddycool please come home safely now.
Love nottynot, ♥

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