June 25, 2010

contest contest !!

lets join DJf closet contest

How to enter?
Follow this easy steps:
  1. Be their follower.
  2. Write about this Giveaway in your blog. Put our link in your entry (http://djfcloset.blogspot.com/) 
  3. Put the Happy Family Giveaway banner to your sidebar and link it to this Giveaway. (http://djfcloset.blogspot.com/2010/06/happy-family-1st-giveaway-by-djf-closet.html) 
  4. Enter your name, email and your entry's link at this comment box
This Giveaway opens to all bloggers (Local). Closing date will be on 9th July 2010

The result will be announced after 3 days from the closing date. If you have any question regarding this giveaway please e-mail us at djfcloset@yahoo.com.

The winner will choose by random pick and have followed all the rules as above.

All the prize will post to the winner.

okiokie byk plak contest nye nott?? hahaha saje nk release tension . kalo kte nk release tension kne la membizykn diri . hee . oki okie hrnie ade dua kenduri satu kat putrajaya myfren [kening] and lagi satu kat seremban myjunior punye kakak mau kawen . ouhouh bole pegi dua2 tak? andand myfamily plak nk bwk gi tgk tok . then mane satu nieh?? hoho family is my priority .. kawan2 kte jumpe later larh yea . lepas you all punye wedding hee (: 
sgtsgt sayg family sye ^^, 


Izzlin said...

banner di side bar, link pada

nnt da btulkn, maklum sy balik d comment entry GA :)

DJF CloSet said...

checked :)
good luck :D

nynarara said...

oraite (:
tangss !